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Mariucci Works All Avenues
July 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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49ers Head Coach, Steve Mariucci is doing everything he can to have the people in training camp to bring out the best in his young and talented team. Mariucci has former 49ers, former NFL players and his regular coaching staff on duty in Stockton, working towards one common goal - the betterment of the team. But he wanted more.

The coach asked defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr, if his dad, Jim Sr. (a long time coach of the Colts and in the NFL) would be interested in joining the team as a temporary coach. Jr. of course stated that he would pass the message on, but that it was rather unlikely.

Jim Sr. is a very accomplished coach, and would be a great asset to the 49ers. However, his son, feels that Mora Sr. would feel uncomfortable working for a younger coach, and along side of his son, in a reduced capacity. He also stated that his father would likely spend some time with the Chiefs this summer, with long time friend Dick Vermeil.

Despite Mariucci’s apparent inability to ‘reel’ Mora Sr. into 49ers land, it’s quite clear that Mariucci will do whatever it takes to have the best and only the best working for the 49ers. That’s a great asset to have in a coach as the team continues their climb to Championship Number Six.

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