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Mora Finally Sees Some Respect
May 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
There were many times over the past few years where 49ers fans called for the head of defensive coach, Jim Mora Jr. As a defensive backfield assistant, coach and defensive coordinator, fans were getting fed up with Mora’s inability to accomplish much on defense. The lack of talent on the team was simply not a factor for those who called Mora a “Moron”.

Things have most certainly changed around the 49ers organization in this respect though. As the teams defense finally showed promise last season, with the development of players like Ahmed Plummer, Jason Webster, Andre Carter. Julian Peterson, Jeff Ulbrich and Jamie Winborn, the defense was finally a legitimate squad in 2001.

With an extra year under the players’ belts, and some more talent added to the roster, Mora should be able to further improve the group. Expect more heat on the quarterback, and the team to take advantage of having three strong cornerbacks.

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