Itís Mora, Not Moron--12/03/01
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Jim Mora Jr has climbed through the ranks of the 49ers coaching staff, and now sits at the defensive coordinator position. While climbing up the ladder of success, Mora served in different positions primarily dealing with the defensive backfield. With every step up, that Mora took in the organization, most 49ers fans would hit themselves over the head or rant about how bad a move it was. Now that the 49ers are 9-2, things seem to be a little different for the 49ers.

Although the 49ers defense this season is not ranked particularly high (they have been flirting around the number 20 mark for most of the season), Mora has done wonders with a defense that has very little depth. Most notably, Mora has made sure that the defense wasnít losing games for the 49ers - and in fact they havenít. There isnít really a game this season that the 49ers offense wasnít in because the defense couldnít hold itís own. Most recently, Mora has had the defense actually help to win games too, in limiting opponents to minimal offensive time on the field, and with an impressive nine turnovers over the past two games - ten if you include a fumble recovery on special teams, and really thatís what everyone has been expecting all along.

Sure it took Mora a little while to get his side of the team up to the level they are at now, but now that there is some talent on the roster, we see that he really knows what he is doing. Constantly mixing up coverages and schemes, Mora is doing quite fine. Sure there is room for improvement, like in his blitz packages that have been rather ineffective, but the team would also benefit from a play maker in the front seven making plays, and so far Julian Peterson and Andre Carter - even Bryant Young havenít been making those big plays.

Itís time Mora got some positive feedback, after all he is doing a very good job this season of not losing games for the team. This week against the Rams will be the ultimate test for Mora and his defense. With most of the starters healthy, and a ton of confidence, it will be interesting to see how the defense steps it up for the big game. It will be up to Mora to make sure they are ready.

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