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Sean Moran Brings The Heat
August 13 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Defensive end Sean Moran is impressing coaches this summer. A versatile player, Moran was signed as a free agent this summer by the 49ers in the hopes that he would bolster the pass rush. The 49ers really liked that Moran can play both the end and tackle position.

Moran had a great game against the Chiefs, and played well in Osaka too. Heís able to bring constant pressure from the end position, and is dependable against the run.

As the 49ers continue to look to improve their pass rush, they may turn to Moran. Not immediately of course, John Engelberger and Chike Okeafor may have the priority, but if the team canít seem to find the pass rush they are looking for, Moran could be there man. He could also be very effective in a defensive line rotation

Moran has looked good all training camp. He practices hard and goes all out on every single down. He wants to play for the 49ers, and wants to compete at a high level, so donít be surprised if you see his name quite a bit this season.

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