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Getting The Act Together
January 13th, 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Jim Mora Jr has been the firing point in the 49ers coaching staff since he began as a defensive backfield coach with the team. Moraís squads always seemed to be slightly behind the rest of the team, and as such fans started to lay into him. Mariucci stuck by him though, and once the opportunity was open, promoted him to defensive coordinator.

Last season, Moraís first in the position showed tremendous improvement throughout the defense. Fan began to lay off, blaming most of the defensive errors on youth and inexperience rather than on Mora. Now in his second season in the defensive coordinator position, Mora is proving his doubters wrong.

Mora has the defense playing itís best football in a long time. The squad recorded a team record three shutouts and on the way, managed to play at a level that got the 49ers back into the playoffs, and twelve wins.

Iíve always felt Mora was more suited to a coordinator position rather than a coaching position because of his great defensive mind. The problem with him as a defensive coach is it limits him. He needs a defense to function as a whole in order for his work to be successful.

With the playoffs now upon us it will be up to Mora to keep the defense playing at the high level it was for the last six games of the season. His ability to stop offensive greats like Brett Favre will truly be under the spotlight this off-season.

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