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Hey Mooch, Wake Up!
September 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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If you want to know what went wrong with the 49ers offense in the first two games, all you have to do is ask the Denver Broncos. Despite claming that the 49ers were a really good team, there was little doubt in the Bronco’s mind that they would beat the 49ers. They knew it all along, and it was because of the 49ers lack of ingenuity that the Broncos were able to be so sure of themselves.

Bronco linebacker John Mobley said it best: “We had a pretty good gauge on what they would do. We thought they would do some things differently, but they didn't. We were over-prepared.”

In short, I don’t really think I can put it better than Mobley did. The Broncos go up against a version of the 49ers offense every day in practice and as a result, they knew what the 49ers would do, without a doubt.

Of course even if the Broncos didn’t practice against a version of the West Coast Offense they could still foretell what plays the 49ers would run, because they are the same ones they ran last week and last season. As Mobley put it, the team didn’t do anything differently.

As I mentioned last week, self scouting is more important to a team, than scouting the opponent. Evidence is the way the Broncos were able to predict the 49ers offense. Had the 49ers switched it up and made an effort not to repeat its typical offensive plays, the team would have at least stood a chance. Hopefully the 49ers will smarten up before they face the Redskins, otherwise, expect much of the same in week three.

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