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The Coaching Tree
May 10 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
In the NFL, former 49ers coaches have always been a hot commodity. Bill Walsh started the trend, having his disciples planted around the NFL. George Seifert a Walsh disciple himself continued the trend of grooming coaches. Itís a position the 49ers have been unofficially in charge of for about two decades.

Head coaches had to come from somewhere, and rather than sign them away from colleges, most NFL teams have coveted a 49ers coach at one point in their history. It make sense when you think about it. Teams want a winning system, the 49ers have a winning system, and so by transplanting a 49ers coach, you get a winning system. While the logic is hardly perfect it has lead many former 49ers coaches to head coaching roles around the league.

Last season Steve Mariucci had his first disciple land a coaching position. Former 49ers offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg became the head coach of the Detroit Lions. He lead them to a miserable season - sure, but there are still likely to be more of Mariucciís staff littered across the league in the coming years.

The 49ers never stand in the way of a promotion for their coaching staff, and along with the long history of success of former 49ers coaches in the league, make them so highly coveted. Receiverís coach George Stewart has already declared he will be looking for a new team next season, in a greater position - either coach or coordinator. Stewart will likely be Steve Mariucciís second coach to plant his seeds on another team.

The longer Mariucci stays with the 49ers, the more of his former coaches that will be spread throughout the NFL. The 49ers coaches have been famous for this in the past, and thereís little reason to believe Mariucciís staff wont see the same type of success.

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