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Mooch Expected To Hire Agent
June 26 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Earlier this off-season Steve Mariucci parted ways with a long time friend, his agent Don Yee. The move appeared to be political, after a rift developed between Mariucci and the front office including Owner John York and General Manager Terry Donahue. While the rift was certainly over-played by the media, there was certainly some tension there that resulted from Mariucci’s name being on the short list of several head coaching positions this off-season.

While the move of firing his agent, seemed to be a step in the right direction, there was also no reason to believe the move wasn’t that Mariucci wanted out of the 49ers. But recent news has reported that Mariucci is interested in hiring agent Bob LaMonte a 49ers friendly agent.

Lamonte represents a number of 49ers and 49ers executives and has a long history of dealing with the team. Providing Mariucci is indeed interested in hiring Lamonte, it is a good sign that his intentions are to stay with the team. Lamonte is certainly the man for the job, but Mariucci will have to regain Owner John York’s and Terry Donahue’s trust before a contract is hammered out.

Mariucci’s interest in Lamonte is a good start to regaining the trust of the organization. How much trust has actually been lost remains to be seen, but there is certainly room to improve the situation. If Mariucci does indeed go after LaMonte it will be a good indicator that he envisions his future with the 49ers. It may also be a good start to healing any wounds that developed this off-season.

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