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Mariucci and Owens Continue To Mend Broken Fences
May 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
At the start of this off-season, the 49ers put the improving the relationship between Steve Mariucci and Terrell Owens on the agenda as an important aspect of the off-season. It took several months to finally get the two to find an appropriate time to have the conversation, but now that they have, things seems to be better in 49ers land.

Mariucci recently reported that although the relationships between he and Owens will take time to mend, he does expect it to return to the days where Owens would participate in his Boce Ball Tournament, or like it was when Owens cried on his shoulder after making the winning touchdown catch against Green Bay in the playoffs. Mariucci believes Owens will once again become ‘one of the guys’.

This is good news for the team. Although no player would really admit it the poor relations between the coach and star receiver was clearly becoming a distraction in the locker room. The improved relations between the two - particularly Mariuccis expressing his concern that Owens address issues about the team directly to him instead of through a third party are sure to benefit the 49ers on the field once this season kicks off.

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