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More Mariucci Controversy
November 8 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Steve Mariucci doesnít even have to say anything, and the media looks at him as a possibility for coaching vacancies around the NFL and NCAA. In fact, Mariucci can even advocate that he wants to remain in San Francisco and the organization can express their desire to keep him in San Francisco - as they both did this off-season, and the media still looks to start a coaching controversy.

If you havenít heard yet, with Bobby Williams being ousted from Michigan State, Steve Mariucciís name has surfaced as a possibility for the next Michigan coach. Of course there is no need to worry, Mariucci still has one more year remaining on his contract after the end of this season. That would mean that Michigan would have to find an interim coach, and would thus be left scrambling to bring players into their program because of the unrest.

Mariucci of course had his name surface because his home town is Michigan, he played quarterback at Northern Michigan University which is also where he began his coaching career. Michigan State is also where Mariucciís best friend, Tom Izzo coaches basketball, and so despite Izzo proclaiming that Mariucci is 99.99% against taking the job, itís only natural that the media would jump at the chance of breaking another Mariucci story.

Last season Mariucci was considered for a number of coaching jobs including Notre Dame, the Saints and Tampa Bay, Mariucci under the advisement and persuasion of the 49ers considered just the Tampa Bay job. Since then, Mariucci has fired his agent to help prevent controversy and both the 49ers and Mariucci expressed their desired to extend his time in San Francisco. The media of course has over looked this, and the extra year on Mariucciís contract. Donít expect Mariucci to leave, and donít expect the media mutterings disappear either.

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