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Moochís Head Still Called For
December 4 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Despite being a win, and a Rams loss away from clinching the NFC West, 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci remains at the heart of many 49ers fans complaints. Not aggressive, lacking killer instinct, too Ďniceí: all expressions that are used to categorize the coach.

Iím a Mariucci fan. I can see that heís not the perfect coach, but I also realize that there are few that are better. Many 49ers fans who want Mooch to be ousted after this season fail to see that. They also want the team to pursue Mike Holmgren currently with the Seahawks.

Iím not opposed to bring Holmgren into San Francisco again. I respect the guy, and think heís had an excellent coaching career, be it with the 49ers, Packers and slightly less so with the Seahawks. But just like Mariucci he has his down falls.

"The 49ers are not that much better than we are talent-wise," maintained Seahawks safety Reggie Tongue. "But they don't make nearly the number of mistakes we do. They play solid football when they have to. That's why they've beaten us twice and they're at where they're at, and we're at where we're at.''

Tongueís comments are a great explanation of how Mariucci is a better coach in certain areas than Holmgren. Mainly Mariucciís teams donít make the mistakes of penalties and turnovers to the same extent as any Holmgren team. There are a plethora of other differences too.

In closing, Iíd just like to say that no matter who the coach is of our beloved 49ers, no one will be good enough. There will always be downfalls and losses, and some may not be as good as others weíve had in the past. But of the options above, and I know Iíll be disagreed with, but I donít think either is significantly better than the other - even if Mariucci has beaten Holmgren three out of three times.

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