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Reason for Mooch’s dropping of Agent?
June 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Steve Mariucci parted ways with a long time friend and agent this week. Mariucci announced that the parting was done on a mutual basis and that the two would remain friends. The coach sited personal reasons as to why the two went their separate ways though. But could the reason have anything to do with Mariucci wanting to fit in better with management?

According to unsubstantiated rumors, Don Yee, Mariucci’s former agent was the source of past reports regarding a rift between Mariucci, Donahue and Walsh. The belief is that Yee started this information as a bargaining tactic to either get Mariucci an offer from the team or to generate interest from other NFL teams. The rumor, incidentally, coincides with a belief I’ve always had that apparent rift between Mariucci and the management of the team was far overblown by the media.

This being the second last year of Mariucci’s contract (his third with the 49ers, all previously negotiated by Yee), Mariucci may have decided to part ways with Yee in an effort to mend any fractures that may have resulted from the rumors about his status with the team. It may have also been his way of showing that he is a team players and ready to be a 49er for a long time in to the future.

Although there is no guarantee that these are Mariucci’s intentions, it is certainly convincing. Alternatively, Mariucci may want to stem in a different direction in a few years, but there has been nothing to indicate that Mariucci’s wishes take him anywhere but back to the 49ers. As we continue to learn more about the situation the truth will certainly come out as to why Mariucci parted ways. In the mean time, Mariucci will slowly begin to look for a new agent; he’ll have lots of time though - the 49ers wont negotiate a new contract with him until after this coming season.

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