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Mooch Shines In Spotlight
June 7 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Steve Mariucci holds an annual charity bocce ball tournament, this seasonís occurred on Wednesday evening. The event raised a pretty penny for charity, but also brought Mariucci into the spotlight. He was interviewed on Wednesday night on the best Damn Sports Show Period. Mooch took this time to display why he would be such a great politician.

Before I begin to tell you about two key points that came from the interview, I figured some of you may have been wondering what in the world bocce ball is. So Iíll tell you that first. Bocce Ball as defined by is a sophisticated Italian lawn game. The match begins with the flip of a coin between the captains from each team. The winner of the toss can choose between the color ball they want, or having the first toss of Ďpallinoí. The pallino is a ball that is tossed to start the game, and must cross the center line of the court without hitting the back wall. If a player fails to toss the ball correctly, the opposing team gets to throw it. The idea is to then toss the bocce balls at the pallino, without letting them touch the back of the court. The team that comes closest to the pallino first, simply sits back and waits as the opposition tries to better the position with its four balls. Thatís pretty much the jist of it. There are certainly more rules that can be read at the URL supplied above.

While at the tournament, Mariucci did in fact sit down to be interviewed by the The Best Damn Sports Show Period. One significant point Mariucci made was that relations have indeed improved between he and Terrell Owens. The reason thatís so significant is that while both sides agreed to work on things, it was unclear the impression Owens left on Mooch when he went to play basketball.

The other significant action Mariucci took during the interview was in deflecting questions about whether Mariucci felt negatively about not receiving a contract extension. In not speaking out against the organization, Mariucci has taken another step to regain the trust of the ownership of the team. It falls nicely behind Mariucci parting ways with his agent. It certainly looks like Mooch is committed to the 49ers.

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