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Mariucci Parts Ways With Agent
May 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Steve Mariucci announced that he will be parting ways with long time agent, and friend Don Yee. Although Mariucci did not specify the reasons for the parting, he did proclaim that it was a mutual understanding and that he, and Yee would remain friends. Mariucci is entering the fourth year of the five year contract that Yee negotiated for him.

The timing of this parting is quite crucial. Mariucci has had an interesting half year, receiving at least three different offers for head coaching positions around the NFL and NCAA. To some peoples dismay and others relief, Mariucci is still in charge of the 49ers. But the parting ways of Mariucci and Yee leaves one rather large question to be answered.

Why? Is it that Mariucci does not have confidence in Yee to negotiate another contract with the team? Is it that there are personal differences? Could Mariucci be looking to find an agent who can land him greater responsibility?

Truth be told we donít know the answer to the crucial question. Naturally, Mariucci supporters are awaiting news of him resigning with the club, while the doubters are naturally hoping a new agent will lead to a new team. This year, and the successes and failures that come with it will be ever so important to Mariucciís status with the team.

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