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Montana Enjoying Retirement
September 05 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In a recent interview, Joe Montana took the time to explain what he is doing with his retirement, and forecasted how the 49ers would perform this season. The legend quarterback that took the 49ers to four Super Bowl titles is regarded by many as the best to ever play the position; still Montana remains modest and reflects his achievements to his peers who helped him achieve it all.

Joe is currently involved with a group of former players that includes former 49ers’ offensive lineman, Harris Barton. These former players work with current players on investment strategies that help them build a future after football. Too often we hear about athletes blowing there millions only to get injured or forced out of a league and having nothing left to show for their efforts. Montana and company want to prevent that from becoming an even greater reality.

Montana’s current project however is endorsing and working with a Tahoe group to raise money to build a golf course for boys and girls in Tahoe. Proceeds from the tournament will also go to helping children in the bay area.

As far as Joe is concerned, the 49ers are a real contender this year. He believes the 49ers have the talent on the squad to go all the way, but recognizes they, like anyone else in the league will have to go through St. Louis first. Montana is very confident in Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens, but stressed that the defense will have to come through for the team.

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