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Monday To Recover
September 24 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers played a gutsy game on Sunday, in their victory over the Redskins, and by gutsy, I mean spewing their guts on the field, in the locker room, and on the sideline. As many as twenty 49ers were sick with flu light symptoms. The sick players and coaches were repeatedly given intravenous drips to try and re-hydrate them, from the fluid lost due to the sickness.

The sick included Jeff Garcia who pulled himself from the game because he could not muster the strength to be effective on the field. Others like Derek Deese were forced to make a tough decision at half time between throwing up, or taking the IV.

One quick look at the 49ers sideline saw plays dry heaving, or with their heads tucked into their knees trying to fight off nausea. Certainly these players should have been in bed, not out in the sun being trampled by fellow athletes.

That the 49ers suffered as many injuries as they did, could be attributed to the sickness, in that players were not able to fully concentrate on the game, and were thus more exposed to possible injury. Several players, including Dave Fiore, Jamie Winborn, Ronnie Heard and Julian Peterson were banged up in the game.

The 49ers will have two weeks to get their players healthy (though some players like Fiore and Winborn may remain injured), but will have maybe a day, or two (today and yesterday) to get healthy. Players will be given the time off to get their bodies healthy, so that they can begin game preparations for their game against NFC West rivals, the Rams.

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