Mock Draft 99 ---2/25/99

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1999 Mock Draft

The draft is fast approaching (on April 17th and 18th).  With the NFL expansion to Cleveland this will be the second draft of the year.  Cleveland has the first pick in each round, and with the first pick they will most likely select Tim Couch, the best Q.B. in the draft.  This years draft is deep at quarterback, with 5 possible future starters; Tim Couch, Donovan McNabb, Akili Smith, Daunte Culpepper, and Cade McNown.  However the best player in the draft is with out a doubt Ricky Williams, a running back.

Below is a run down of the top 15 players as I see them:

Ricky Williams RB Texas
Williams is the best player in the draft hands down.  He is an all around back, a rare find in the NFL.  He has size, strength, speed, and evasiveness.   Williams can be compared to Randy Moss in that he is the single player in this years draft that can make a huge impact on an NFL team.  Williams hits the holes extremely quickly and reminds some of the great Earl Cambell.

Tim Couch Q.B. Kentucky
Couch is your prototype build for a quarterback, he is 6-5 and weighs 215.   However his skill far surpasses that of another rookie Q.B., and could even make last years top two pics look ugly.  Couch is strong and has a good arm.  He has the potential to be a pro-bowl Q.B. in the future. 

Champ Bailey CB Georgia
Next to Williams Bailey will make the second biggest impact on a team.   Bailey has an eye for the ball, and has decent size and speed too.  Champ is an exceptional athlete that can play ironman, sort of like Dieon Sanders.  Champ's ability to fill holes may improve his position in the draft, but he will impact any team, the way Charles Woodson did for the Raiders last season.

Akili Smith Q.B. Oregon
Smith is another Q.B. that just never says die.  He has a winning spirit about him.  Smith has everything a Q.B. needs to be successful, a strong arm, mobility and a quick release.  He is an incredible young athlete that could grow into a great starting Q.B.

Chris Claiborne LB USC
Chris is a big linebacker, that is very intimidating.  He is a leader on the field, and has great speed.  He could be the future of any teams linebacking squad, but wherever he is, you will be able to hear his hits around the league.   Claiborne is a great athlete and can effectively be used in a 3/4 or 4/3 defense.

Chris McAlister CB Arizona
This years draft is also deep at the cornerback position.  A position that McAlister excels in.  Chris is a big and fast corner, and plays well in both man to man and zone defenses.  McAlister could start next season, but is rather underrated.   Any team would love to have him, but he still has some to learn and would benefit greatly from taking a step back a year and learning from the pros.

Donovan McNaab Q.B. Syracuse
McNaab is another quarterback in this years draft that can really make it in the NFL.  He has the intangible skill of going through progressions and is reasonably mobile.  McNaab may not be a starter this season, but a couple more years and he will be one of the better ones out there.

Edgerrin James RB Miami(Fla.)
James is possibly the second best offensive weapon in the draft.  He is quick, but doesn't lack in size or power.  He can take it up the middle or go outside.  He is a decent receiver and blocker too, but still needs some work in these areas.

Daunte Culpepper Q.B. Central Fla.
Culpepper is a mammoth Q.B.  He is 6-5, 250 and has a rocket for an arm.   He is an extremely accurate passers, and has the unteachable quality of leadership.   He has the brains for a quarterback, and players respect him and his ability.

Torry Holt W.R. N.C. State
Though he is no Randy Moss, Holt is a great wide out that has potential to make it in the NFL.  Holt has the speed to go long, and runs rather tight routes.  He still needs work on down field blocking but would be an asset to any team.

John Tait OT BYU
Tait is 6-7, 307 pounds, and is agile for his size.  He is a tough blocker, and any defensive lineman would have a long day against Tait.  He has played in prostyle offenses but will need time to adjust to the faster pace of the NFL.

Jevon Kearse LB Florida
Kearse is another solid linebacker that has the ability to play all over the field.  He follows the ball really well.  Kearse has incredible speed and eye for the ball to record a very high sac number in his rookie year.

David Boston W.R. Ohio State
Boston is a good wide out and would be great in the slot position.  He has size, speed, and toughness.  He would be a great asset to go over the middle on third down situations.  He has solid hands and has the potential to be a great one in the NFL.  He would be a best fit in a west coast offense.

Matt Stinchcomb OT Georgia
Another big tackle that would be a great asset to a team with weapons, but no time to use them.  Matt is a tackle with extreme force and dominance.  He will definitely help any team gain a few more seconds in the pocket.

Anthony McFarland DT  LSU
Defensive tackles are a rare find in the draft, and McFarland seems to be a great one.  The defensive lines on most teams are aging and many of the great pass rushers are beginning to retire ala Chris Doleman and Reggie White.  Time for some young ones to step in and McFarland could be a great one in the future.

Bellow is a mock draft of the first fifteen pics.  Below each teams projected pick is a quick synopsis of why I suggested this player.

Browns--Tim Couch
The Browns will need to build for the future, and the best way to start is with a quarterback.  Tim Couch is the best one out there, and he will have some time to learn from next years starter Ty Detmer.

Eagles-- Ricky Williams
The Eagles offense is dismal, and Williams could add a much needed spark.  However the Eagles need a QB too, so don't be surprised if they trade down to pick up some extra picks, and still aquire a franchise QB.

Bengals-- Torry Holt   
The Bengals are a few steps away from becoming a good team, but with the almost definite loss of Carl Pickens, a wide out becomes a necessity. 

Colts-- Chris Claiborne  
The Colts need to tough it up on D, if they intend to get anywhere ever, Claiborne is a linebacker that can lead a defense.

Redskins (Carolina)-- Champ Bailey  
Bailey will be a steal at this position and with the Skins corners ageing, you couldn't ask for a better future.

Rams-- Donnovan McNaab
The Rams thought they had a talent in Tony Banks, but what 49ers fan doesn't remember his first game?  He was sacked so many times, and the 9ers recorded two safeties due to him.  It's time for them to bite the bullet.

Bears-- Akili Smith
The Bears have been trying to get bye without a real QB for too long.  Smith will give them something to build on.

Cardinals-- Torry Holt
Jake Plummer is a great QB, so give him some more weapons! Holt would fit like a comfy slipper.

Lions-- John Tait
The Lions have a man named Barry Sanders on the team.  He has always had to fight for holes, wouldn't be nice if they were opened for him?  This would also give Batch a little more time then he has now.

Ravens-- Daunte Culpepper
The Ravens need to groom a QB for the future.  Culpepper should be their man.   He would fit well into the system.

Vikings (Redskins)-- Chris McAlister
The Vikings have a great offense, but it's time for them to get some defense going!   A CB would be a perfect start.   

Saints-- Edgerrin James
One of the most underrated players in the draft.  The Saints need some offense, and James could be a huge spark to their fire.

Stealers--David Boston
The Stealers are losing players left and right, and Thigpen will be one of them.   They will need a wideout if Kordell will ever be a threat.

Chiefs--Anthony McFarland
The Chiefs D-line needs canes to walk.  Some youth will be a huge benefit to them on the D side of the ball.

Bucs--Matt Stinchomb
The Bucs are a running team, and need holes to run through, Stinchomb can create those holes.

This mock draft, and college player analysis was written by Bryan.  talk about it in the forum

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