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November 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After driving the 49ers into chip shot field goal range with three seconds left on the clock, Jeff Garcia headed to the sidelines as he had done in the 2000 season. The kicker went out to win the game for the 49ers, and like his predecessor, Jose Cortez miffed his attempt as Wade Richey did in the 2000 season.

Garcia couldn’t believe what he had just seen. Again the teams would head to over time, but this time, Garcia made sure that the outcome would be different. The 49ers won the coin toss, and Garcia along with the rest of the offense went back to work.

Moving the ball methodically down the field, Oakland never touched the ball. Garcia converted several key third downs and one fourth down situation into first downs. Again the 49ers sent Jose Cortez onto the field for a chip shot field goal. This time, Cortez was successful.

The resulting late game dominance finally gave an argument to why both teams should not receive an over time possession, and how over time should be played like the start of a new half of football. The 49ers completely deserved to win this game, they completely dominated the game, and giving the Raiders a chance would simply undermine the performance the 49ers had. If I was a Raiders fan, maybe I’d feel different, but this game was dominated by the 49ers and the better team certainly won.

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