2001 Milestones--12/06/01
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Itís always exciting to watch a winning football team. Typically, aside from winning these teams set records, and its players accomplish great things. Over the past two seasons 49ers fans, for the most part, have not seen any spectacular achievements. Aside from Garcia topping the 49ers charts for yards passed, and Terrell Owensí NFL record for receptions in a game, itís been rather quiet in 49ers land. This season though, things are quite different.

Although we havenít seen any real records set this season there are a number of milestones that some of the 49ers players have already hit, or are sure to hit very soon. Take Jeff Garcia for instance. Aside from being one of the league best at his position, he has also thrown two touchdowns over the past eight games. Not bad for a player whoís playing with a sorely injured knee.

Of course, there is Terrell Owens who in beating the Rams on Sunday caught his 1000th yard of the season. Owens also scores a touchdown approximately every six times he catches the ball. Only Randy Moss has a better average than Owens in that area. Owens also leads the league in touchdowns with thirteen. Thatís slightly more than one per game.

For Garrison Hearst just stepping on the field on September 9th was a milestone. However Hearst gets better and better each week. Last week Hearst accumulated his 900th yard of the season, and is well on his way to reaching the 1000 yard plateau this season. Averaging 5.2 yards a carry, there is no question that Hearst is as explosive as ever.

Defensively thereís Ahmed Plummer with seven interceptions already this season. Plummer, a second year players has matured into one of the leagueís best, and has done so with an exclamation mark! Plummer also has countless pass defended and is receiving tremendous support for a Pro Bowl vote.

Zack Bronson is also reaching great heights this season. Bronson who was originally not going to start for the team has taken hold of the safety position since John Keith went down, and it doesnít look like he is letting go any time soon.

Essentially the 49ers have already accomplished some great things this season. With only five games left, itís hard not to think that they have more greatness in them. Of course this article couldnít cover every individual accomplishment on the team. Itís safe to say though, that watching this team winning is lots more fun than watching over the past two seasons. Enjoy it!

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