Mid-Season Report

At mid-season the 49ers stand at 6-2. A good record for almost any team. Infact the Raiders who are also 6-2 are jumpin for joy. So why aren't the 49ers? Why are they acting like they are 1-7 like Carolina who they face this week. The answer to that is actually quite simple. First they lossed 2 games and are tied with Atlanta (yes Atlanta ). However even more important then that it is the loss to Green Bay. Five times in a row now the 49ers have met the Packers, 3 in the playoffs, and each time regardless of the situation the Packers have prevailed. It doesn't matter if the 9ers are playing in 3 Com or Lambeau. Night or Day. Jerry Rice and Steve Young or not. It just didn't matter.

Now the 49ers have 8 games left in the regular season. During which they must improve their offensive line, game planning and the deffensive backfield. They will get help in doing this as the team gets healthy. Pope is still troubled by injury, and Kirk Scrafford is in his second game back from retirement. By the playoffs the 49ers will also have Dave Fiore back. Jeremy Newberry is finally back from a knee injury. Steve Gordon will be replaced by Chris Dalman at center as soon as possible. The offensive line is looking better and better. Special teams also needs to improve. George Stewart, special teams coach has vowed it will. The addition of Gabe Wilkins should also help. The 49ers will be in good shape if the rest of their players can stay healthy. The 9ers can play with the Packers they proved that. They just have to keep at it all game.

The game plans, on both sides of the ball; have been very boring lately. The 49ers need to game plan each game as if they were palying Denver, Greenbay and Minnesota. Once a team is down, don't just sit back, because they wont be in that situation against any real teams. The game plans should involve more deep passes and more double covering on defense. Blitz the heck out of the oppositions QB and stick with it. Be aggressive, that's why they brought Tubbs in, because he is fast and agressive.

The 49ers need homefield advantage in the playoffs. It is far to cold to play in Lambeau in January. If the 9ers want a chance, and not a mirical, they need to sweep the rest of their games. Green Bay is tough, but we can beat them. We have the talent, we just need to utilize it more. Hopefully the 49ers will realize this and do something about it. The sooner the better.

I hope that you enjoyed this article. I understand that my concept may be a little awkward at first thought, but I'm sure many 49ers fans will comply with my thoughts. I am still awaiting some feed back on this section of my page, thus if you have a comment or idea please let me know!

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