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Pre-Training Camp Medical Watch
July 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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As the 49ers enter training camp, there are a number of players that will be back from injury starting slowly, and a few that may still miss some practice time. Perhaps safety John Keith is the most anticipated return to the line up. Keith was the teams starting strong safety before losing his season, and roster spot due to injury last year. Keith has not participated in any mini-camp drills this off-season, but has been seen sprinting and making cuts. He is expected to work slowly back into the regular practice regime now that his knee is feeling better.

Defensive lineman John Schlecht is expected to be back from a back injury. Schlecht is not expected to work slowly back in to regular practice and is expected to contend for lots of playing time at defensive tackle.

Undrafted free agent Donnie OíNeal is still not fully recovered from his foot injury that he sustained in mini-camp. OíNeal however is expected to resume regular workouts with the club shortly.

Rookie defensive tackle Josh Shaw is a candidate for the physically unable to perform list. Shaw is recovering from both ACL and MCL injuries. The 49ers hope to have him in practice by August. In the mean time he will continue his rehabilitation.

Cornerback Jason Webster who pulled his hamstring in the teamís final mini-camp is expected to be fully back, for the start of training camp. Rookie cornerback Teddy Gaines is in a similar situation with his quadriceps pull. Tony Parrish who has been nursing a pulled groin from last season, is expected to participate fully in the teams practices.

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