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Medical Watch
May 28 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers will begin their latest mini-camp tomorrow, and the list of players that wonít be in attendance is growing. Aside from those players still in school, there are several 49ers who have still not been cleared to participate in camp, or who were injured in the last mini-camp. In this camp, which focuses specifically on the pass, players will be missing out on a great learning opportunity.

Rookie free agent Donnie OíNeal is new to the list. OíNeal broke his foot during the rookie camp, and will miss about five more weeks of action. The injury will severely hamper OíNealís chances of making the team, as fellow rookie undrafted receivers, such as Nate Jackson will be able to jump ahead.

Seventh round pick, cornerback Teddy Gaines will also be an absentee this time around. Gaines has been nursing a quadriceps injury this off-season, and re-aggravated it during the last mini-camp. Gaines also missed the teamsí first mini-camp for the same injury after the draft.

Safety John Keith was seen running on the field last week. Keith is recovering from an ACL injury, but has not been cleared to participate in the camp yet. The team hopes Keith will be ready for training camp.

Quarterback Giovanni Carmazzi, will once again miss mini-camp. Still nursing a rotator cuff, and bulging discs in his back, Carmazzi will toss lightly on the side but wonít participate in the camp. He is likely to receive his second cortisone shot to help deal with the pain.

Josh Shaw will remain off the field too, rehabilitating his knee injury. The 49ers injury list has grown since last camp, but it still at a manageable size. The team must take further steps to insure that the players donít get injured during these camps.

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