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Medical Watch
December 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers got little help from the doctor on Sunday as more players were injured, again hurting an already banged up 49ers team.

Saleem Rasheed who was back in the game for the first time in about five games had to leave the game with a tight quadriceps. Because Rasheed is currently observing Ramadan, the team could not administer fluids to Rasheed to aid him in combating the injury. Rasheed is questionable for next week.

John Keith broke his thumb but came back into play. Keith is probable and will play with a cast on his arm. He is the third safety the 49ers have had starting this season.

Guard Eric Heitmann left the game with an ankle injury but did return shortly there after to keep defensive tackle John Randle in check. Heitmann is currently probable for next weeks game.

Tony Parrish dislocated his elbow during the game, had it popped back in and came back to make some big plays for the 49ers. Parrish is questionable for this weekends game.

Ahmed Plummer experienced some muscular cramps. Intravenous fluids were administered at half time to help loosen up his calves in particular. Plummer is currently probable for this weekends game.

Jeff Garcia and Dana Stubblefield both have a stomach virus, and are expected back for next week.

Eric Heitmann is battling a foot sprain, but is probable for this week.

Eric Johnson is still nursing his sore back, and is questionable for this week.

Ronnie Heard is doubtful for this week with his ankle sprain. Derrick Deese is a similar situation.

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