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Medical Watch
November 5 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The post game injury report was quite short and quite encouraging - especially considering the rash of injuries the 49ers are still enduring. This list included a set of probable players including Terrell Owens with leg the cramps, Jeff Garcia, Jeremy Newberry and Ron Stone with sprained ankles. Only Stone left the game. Tony Parrish (hip) was also on the list.

For the 49ers it’s the second strait week in which the injury list was rather encouraging. Still, there are likely to be injuries that surface throughout the week as they always seem to do.

Jamie Winborn, the 49ers starting linebacker will begin to practice this week. Winborn is sorely being missed from the lineup, and when he does return may be worked back in slowly. Winborn is still doubtful at this point.

Garrison Hearst is clearly still hampered by his hamstring. He had a hard time rushing all day, averaging about two yards a carry. There was a certain explosiveness that was lacking from his game, and the 49ers will hope he can return to full health.

The 49ers will be hoping that Eric Johnson, the starting tight end, will be ready to return to action from a bulging disc in his back. Johnson has missed two strait games, and Justin Smith has been starting in his place.

Saleem Rasheed remains doubtful for this week’s game too. The 49ers need him to help solidify the depth on their roster.

JJ Stokes and Paul Smith were both used sparingly this past Sunday, and should see an increasing role as they get healthier.

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