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Medical Watch
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers managed to escape the Cardinals game relatively healthy, or rather, without further injury. Or so it seemed. Injuries seem to surface throughout the week, but the 49ers post-game injury report was relatively short. All players were considered probable at the time, and several players are beginning to return to the team this week too.

Garrison Hearst left the game in the second half after his hamstring tightened up again. The 49ers decided to hold him out after stretching him out, to prevent further injury. Hearst, who hates to miss games, said it was a mutual decision between him and the trainers to leave the game.

Guard Erich Heitmann suffered a concussion, believed to be his first one. Heitmann will play next week unless symptoms of post concussion syndrome surface. The 49ers have listed Heitmann as probable.

Jeremy Newberry who has turf toe, was the second offensive lineman hurt in the game. The 49ers believe that Newberry will be able to play next week.

Terrell Owens re-injured his ankle. Owens wore a boot last week and was held out of practice. He was actively rested, and likely will be again this week. Owens did not leave the game due to injury.

Jeff Ulbrich strained his knee, the same one he injured in the pre-season. With the 49ers hurting at linebacker, Quincy Stewart filled in for Ulbrich. The 49ers donít believe that the damage to Ulbrich will keep him out next week, but he did undergo a MRI to see the extent of the damage. Results are not known yet.

Bryant Young injured his shoulder, but he didnít miss playing. Young will be ready to go next week. He was also injured last week in practice, but the leg injury was not mentioned, and thus should be a null point.

The 49ers are expecting JJ Stokes and Paul Smith to be back on the field next week. They will also be hoping to get back a defense player or two, and perhaps Eric Johnson who has a bulging disc in his back. Mark Anelli was activated from the practice squad, The 49ers remain a very banged up team with injuries mounting each week.

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