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Medical Watch
October 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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On Sunday Mariucci spotted the Saints a touchdown. It was a strategic move to get the offense the ball back. Perhaps a more strategic tactic would be to forfeit a game. Thatís probably the only way the 49ers can get and keep their team healthy for an entire week. In all seriousness though, the 49ers suffered two more injuries on Sunday, both to key players.

Garrison Hearst injured his hamstring towards the end of the game. While the injury doesnít seem that severe, its always hard to tell with hamstring injuries. Hearst will be rested in practice, and will likely be a game time decisions.

Saleem Rasheed will likely be a game time decision too. He injured his quadriceps and had to be helped off the field. Rasheed a depth linebacker for the 49ers has seen an increase in play time as injuries have mounted on the 49ers.

Terrell Owens showed up at the team facility on Monday with a hurt heel. The 49ers believe he will be able to play, but placed him in a protective boot for the second time in three weeks.

The 49ers will be hoping John Engelberger, JJ Stokes and possibly Jamie Winborn will be able to play this week. In all likelihood though, Engelberger and Stokes will play while Winborn remains wishful thinking.

The 49ers need to find a way to stay healthy in its football games. They are constantly left scrambling to field a starting squad each week. They canít expect to keep winning without being able to field a starting caliber roster each week. The injuries have to stop.

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