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Medical Watch
January 8th 2003
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are healthier than they have been in a long time, which isn’t to say they are healthy. With the playoffs here though, players will suck it up and play threw pain. As a result, every player on the injury list is expected to play this weekend. And all but one are listed as probable.

Jason Webster, the 49ers cornerback that missed the first playoff game is the lone questionable player for this weekends game. While the 49ers believe they will have him for the game, he may not start. Webster is battling an injured ankle.

Ahmed Plummer the 49ers other cornerback is still fighting a groin injury that did hinder his ability to play this past weekend. Maricucci however has not even placed Plummer on the injury list.

Safeties John Keith, Tony Parrish and Zack Bronson all remain banged up. Keith and Parrish have been playing with casts, and Bronson who returned last weeked had to leave the game when he aggravated his foot injury.

Linebacker Saleem Rasheed is expected to be able to play this weekend. Rasheed has been battling a quadriceps injury that and took a step backward when he re-injured it during a holy month he observers, Ramadan, during which he can not eat or drink during day light hours.

Sean Moran is the only other defender who is injured. He played this past weekend without suffering any setbacks.

Place Kicker Jeff Chandler sprained his ankle during the pre-game warmup last week. He is the only place kicker the 49ers have, and thus doesn’t have much of a choice but to play.

Receiver Terrell Owens is still nursing a sore groin and foot. Owens will be limited in practice but should participate fully in the Bucs’ game.

Offensive lineman Ron Stone and Derrick Deese have been battling injuries all season. Both players had to leave the game against the Giants but are expected to be starting for the Bucs game.

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