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McNown Surgery Soon
August 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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General Manager Terry Donahue has announced that 49ers depth quarterback Cade McNown is set to undergo season ending shoulder injury some time soon. McNown will be placed on the injured reserve after the surgery effectively ending his season.

Brandon Doman thus becomes the 49ers definite third string quarterback. The rookies has looked impressive at times, but clearly still has lots to learn as was demonstrated in his game ending interception that he threw this pre-season.

The surgery and recovery time may be exactly what the well traveled McNown needs. A highly touted quarterback coming out of college, McNown was drafted by the Bears. He never even came close to living up to his expectations in the time since then.

When the 49ers traded for McNown this season, it was way too late for the quarterback to learn the offensive system well enough to win a position on the roster. Needing surgery to repair his AC joint, the 49ers recognized that McNown could use the time to get a good handle on the teamís offense.

So McNown will miss the season. He will let his shoulder get better, and when he returns to the 49ers, he will be a viable candidate for the backup role on the 49ers. He will then be given a fair chance to make the roster, unlike this year, where really he was fighting a losing battle from the moment he arrived.

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