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McNown Setback
August 9 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Despite Steve Mariucci reporting earlier that Cade McNown would see action in this weekends game with the Chiefs, Mariucci changed his mind Thursday at practice. Citing a short week and little time for McNown to practice, Mariucci reported that the 49ers will have the same quarterback rotation as they did in Osaka.

Jeff Garcia will see minimal action, he wants more time with the team, but may only get ten plays with the team. Tim Ratty will take over from that point and work throughout the second and third quarter. Brandon Doman will take over from that point.

McNown will likely see action in the third pre-season game. It is however looking more and more like McNown won’t win a spot on the 49ers roster this season, but rather will be placed on the injured reserve. The 49ers may be able to hold onto their conditional draft pick they sent Miami in the trade for McNown (pending of course the terms of the trade).

Giving McNown the extra time would likely go along ways to his chances of making the 49ers. McNown has not had the time to re-learn the West Coast Offense, and if he was given the time to do it, and his shoulder were to heal, it may be enough to open up some stiff competition at the 49ers quarterback spot next off-season.

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