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The Cut To 53 Begins.
August 31 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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After moving quarterback Cade McNown to the injured reserve, the 49ers were still left with 66 players on their roster The team must reach 53 by 1 PM PST on Sunday. The team is one player above the current limit of 65 players, because of NFL Europe roster exemptions.

On Friday the 49ers released three more players, leaving 13 players still to be cut. Fullback Jason Isom, defensive tackle Cleveland Pinkney and center Ty Wise.

Jason Isom was a long shot to make the 49ers based on the amount of depth the team has in the offensive backfield.

Cleveland Pinkney had a chance of making the roster, but if the team keeps another defensive lineman it will be Jerome Davis.

Ty Wise was unable to beat out center Ben Lynch for the backup role to Jeremy Newberry.

The 49ers may reach the 53 man roster prior to the Sunday deadline in order to help the team get ready and focused for the Giants game on Thursday as fast as possible.

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