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McNown To Work On Confidence
June 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Cade McNown was brought in to the 49ers to rebuild his career. The 49ers were interested in finding out just what happened to the former UCLA star. The problem though, might not be physical - it could all be in his head. Those problems are usually the hardest to fix too.

Throughout his NFL career McNown has been far from terrific. The apparently over-hyped quarterback suffered through miserable seasonís in Chicago (hardly a quarterbacks dream team) and rested his bottom for most of the time in Miami on the bench. Itís no wonder his self esteem - a crucial part of any athletes game, has plummeted.

Recent reports from Miami are that McNown simply lacked the confidence to make necessary strides in the NFL. And so as he joins his third team, and begins to learn his third offense, that is one area the 49ers will have to focus on specifically to improve.

The 49ers are fortunate enough to run the West Coast Offense which is designed around short, high completion percentage passes. The offense acts as a natural confidence builder. The 49ers are most certainly hoping that McNown grasps the offense quickly enough to be competitive in training camp. If he is, the 49ers may just find a way to keep him on the roster, and let him and his confidence grow within their quarterback friendly system.

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