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McNown Leaves Lots To Imagination
August 17 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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When the 49ers traded for Cade McNown this off-season, I really thought it was a good move. Sure there was no reason to believe McNown would have any more success with the 49ers than he had with the Browns or Dolphins, other than a more quarterback friendly offense and coaching staff. While I thought it was a good trade considering that the team really didnít have to risk anything to acquire him (the trade being for a conditional seventh round draft pick), I also didnít get my hopes up.

Now that training camp has finished itís become quite clear that McNown doesnít have good enough handle on the West Coast Offense yet. We know this because of the way he struggled in training cap, not just throwing the ball but also in finding the receivers. Of course, McNownís injured shoulder hasnít helped his cause either.

The 49ers have pretty much finalized their quarterback depth chart, with Garcia, Rattay and Doman. The McNown trial isnít quite over yet. The team will likely place McNown on the injured reserve after the pre-season and allow him a year to learn the offense. That way next off-season McNown will be able to come back to the team with a better understanding of the offense, and fully healthy.

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