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No New Contract For McGrew…Yet
July 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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Reggie McGrew has been cited all year off-season as a possibility for a renegotiated contract. While the 49ers don’t necessarily need the salary cap room, they are also over paying the player who has only shown sparks of his potential since being drafted in the first round several seasons ago. When the 49ers signed defensive tackle Jim Flanigan this off-season, a new contract for McGrew became an almost certainty.

McGrew had his best performance as a 49er last season. He was not flashy by any means, but while healthy was a good contributor in the defensive tackle formation. He never showed any brilliance at his job mind you, but nevertheless, he was on top of his game. The 49ers likely feel that they have shelled out way too much money to McGrew already, and its still expected that they work with him on a new contract prior to training camp.

Perhaps a new contract for McGrew will depend on any last minute acquisitions the 49ers make. Perhaps in pursuing a receiver like Willie Jackson, the team will look for a few extra dollars, and McGrew is the most likely candidate for them to find some extra money. The team has already reduced one players salary this off-season, when it came to a new agreement with JJ Stokes who also never really lived up to the potential the team saw in him when they traded up in the first round of the draft to acquire him.

With training camp approximately three weeks, we should see a couple more transactions before the start date. Along with the likely re-negotiation with McGrew, the team will certainly want to sign its draft picks.

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