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Easy Transition For Maxie
July 1 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers made one coaching change on the defensive side of the ball this year. The change was the promotion of Brett Maxie from assistant defensive backfield coach, to defensive backfield coach, while re-moving the title from defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr. Maxie has since made the transition quite seamless.

A former 49er defensive back himself, Maxieís NFL tenure never took him outside the NFC West. While he never took center stage at the position, having Merton Hanks and Tim McDonald playing ahead of him, Maxie gave one-hundred-ten percent on the field. When he retired, he never really left football either. He originally was the defensive quality control coach for his former team, the Panthers, and then was a mainstay as an interim coach for the 49ers in their off-season mini and training camps four years ago. The 49ers typically have these off-season coaches to assist with the influx of many new players, and to help them get up to speed at their respective positions. You could think of them as Ďtutorsí working in the 49ers system.

Maxie made the move to full time coach three seasons ago when he became the assistant defensive secondary coach, and has done a very good job at the position. His coaching advanced so great last season, that he was practically running the defensive backfield, but didnít have the title to show for it. He has been responsible for the development of Plummer, Webster, Keith (whose been injured) and Ronnie Heard. He will obviously have a big hand in working with Mike Rumph this season too.

Having been relied upon so greatly last season, Maxie had to make very few changes to accommodate his new position. The transition has been seamless, and he still works closely with Mora. Of course with Mora not having to dedicate specific time to the position, itís likely heíll be able to focus even greater efforts on improving the 49ers overall defense.

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