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Donahue Is Masterful
June 14 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Terry Donahue has proven beyond a shadow of doubt this off-season, that he is ready and perfectly capable to take over for “The Genius” Bill Walsh. Prior to yesterday, Donahue off-season was going quite well. He has what seemed to be a successful draft. He lost only one player to free agency, while signing two players that are expected to improve the team. Above all, Donahue has secured a very strong starting roster, and depth across the board.

Yesterday, Donahue took it one step further. The team came to terms on a cheap two year deal with eight year veteran, defensive lineman, Jim Flanigan. After a short flirtation with the Vikings, Flanigan wants to make the 49ers his home. Flanigan is expected to be a big contributor as the 49ers aim to improve upon last season’s painfully poor pas rush. But Doanhue didn’t stop there either.

Somehow, Donahue swung a deal with the Miami Dolphins to send a conditional seventh round pick in this season’s draft to them, in exchange for a former first round quarterback Cade McNown. McNown was highly coveted by the 49ers coming out of UCLA. His success in the NFL has been minimal, but the deal Donahue struck is a win-win situation. If McNown can stick with the team, it means that Donahue has improved the roster, if he can’t the 49ers lose absolutely nothing. It’s a deal that the 49ers simply can’t lose on.

When Bill Walsh officially resigned after last season’s draft, it was unclear how effective Terry Donahue would be in the position. He seemed to have done a good job under Walsh’s guidance, but there was only hope and speculation that he could do it alone. Now, with the season just months away, we’ve seen a very effective Terry Donahue. He know’s what he wants and gets it - and for the right price mind you. Clearly, Donahue is the right man for the 49ers General Manager position. (Of course I’d be remised if I didn’t mention how amazing Bill Walsh was in finding another gem for the organization).

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