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Magic 17
September 21 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In the NFL, the chance of a team winning increased dramatically as it prevents opposing teams from scoring. This is a simple concept. If you can hold another team to few points, it becomes easier to score the necessary points to win. The 49ers are historically very good at doing just that.

Under the guidance of head coach Steve Mariucci, the 49ers have not lost a game where let gave up 17 or fewer points, with only one exception. That exception was Steve Mariucci’s season opener and debut as head coach of the 49ers, in 1997 when the 49ers were defeated by the Buccaneers, losing not only the game, but Steve Young and Jerry Rice to injury. Since that game though, Mariucci’s 49ers have not lost a game under these circumstances.

In fact, throughout the clubs history, they have performed at an ‘A’ level when allowing 17 points or fewer. In the 340 games where this was the case, the 49ers have a wining percentage of about 83%. The teams record is an amazing 303-33-4.

The 49ers would love to have a defensive showing where they could keep the Redskins to less than 17 points. It would certainly make things much easier for their offense, which is looking to bounce back from two very poor performances.

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