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Lucas Visits 49ers
October 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
It is a game of intense athleticism. Rebel players, striking in the second half, trying to clench victory against the might 49ers dynasty.

During the battle, the 49er team managed to score with secret plans and their star weapons, Owens and Jeff Garcia, and an offense capable of explosion at any point successfully destroying the Cardinals.

Pursued by an aggressive defense in the second half, the 49ers scrambled to maintain their lead, as minutes ticked by, and the score narrowed desperation set it, but triumphantly the 49ers controlled the ball when it counted, and they were crowned as leaders of the NFC West.

Who knew George Lucas was a huge 49ers fan? The creator of the Star Wars films and Lucas Productions, Lucas was on hand to see the 49ers defeat the Cardinals this past Sunday. After the game, Lucas joined the 49ers in their change room.

“I'm a 49ers fan all the way, I come to a few games every season.” Lucas said while wearing a replica Terrell Owens jersey. The Modesto Native is a true fan, nervous right down to the final second on the clock: “I was sweating it right down to the finish, I sweated it out. Just like the movies.” Apparently Lucas watched the 49ers blow an eleven point lead last week.

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