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Lott to visit Tuesday
July 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers love their history. They love having alumni visit them, and talk with the current roster. It allows the team to know about the past, and what it means to be a 49er. Many 49ers alumni have already visited this years training camp. In fact, last Friday, the team held an alumni barbeque where more than 40 former players showed up. On Tuesday though, it will be the ever special Ronnie Lott’s turn to visit camp.

The former defensive back and linebacker for the 49ers is known for his hard hitting and tenacious attitude. He once had part of his finger severed so he could return to a game. He literally bleeds red and gold. It should come as no surprise that when he does visit on Tuesday he will be swamped by fans, players and coaches alike.

Lott is everything the 49ers stand for. An upstanding character on and off the field he will spend a few moments helping out around camp, and giving a few pointers to the players. More than anything though, he’ll be there to relax and have a good time as the 49ers prepare for their eleven hour trip, half away around the world to play in Osaka Japan.

Interestingly, Lott’s son will enter the NFL this season with the Chicago Bears.

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