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49ers To Lose Coach Stewart After Season
April 18 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
Steve Mariucci has been able to keep most of his coaching staff intact since his inaugural season with the 49ers. There have been some losses along the way, most notably Marty Mornhinweg, Larry Kirskey, Greg Olson, and the late Bobb McKittrick. All of which were significant losses. After the 2002 season, the 49ers will have to add receivers coach, George Stewart to that last.

Stewart, a veteran coach, began his tour with the 49ers as the special teams coach, after Kirskey's departure, the 49ers asked Stewart to move to the receiver coach position, and signed current special teams coach, Bruce DeHaven. Stewart is regarded as one of the most versatile and knowledgeable coaches on the team. He's done an excellent job with the team, and has been a key figure in maintaining relations between coach Mariucci and receiver Terrell Owens.

It shouldn't be that big a surprise that Stewart wants more. "I'm ready to be a head coach, and I don't care if it's at the junior-college, small-college or high-school level," said Stewart. Stewart has declined to re-sign a contract this year that will expire after the 2002 season. Stewart certainly deserves the chance to "re-invent" himself, as he put it. The 49ers will certainly feel the loss.

Filling Stewart's vacated coaching spot will be difficult. Any coaching position on the 49ers would be considered glamorous, but with all the turmoil surrounding Terrell Owens, coaches may shy away from the opportunity. It has never been more important, that Owens finds away to get along with coach Mariucci (and there is hope after their latest meeting), than over this season. If the two can bridge the gap that has formed between them, the 49ers will have a much easier time finding a replacement for Stewart.

Two possibilities that come to mind - though they are quite unlikely, would be to have Jerry Rice or John Taylor on the coaching staff. The ties between the 49ers and these two run extremely deep. Both know the 49ers system, and the receiving position incredibly well, and would be great fits. However, it's quite rare that a former player take on a coaching position. They simply don't need the long hours, or the salary after making millions over the course of their career. Still, if ever there was an ideal replacement for Stewart, it would be one of these too.

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