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Looking Here There And Everywhere
May 3 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
By now, itís old news. The 49ers drafted a kicker early in the fourth round. By now, itís also old news, the 49ers brought in a free agent kicker whoís spent his career as a bartender. Throw in Jose Cortez and Jamie Rheem, and by gosh, let the games begin.

The 49ers havenít had this much competition for the place kicking position since, well since as long as I can remember. The competition is sure to be fierce for the one roster spot between the four of them.

But what if Chandler, the 49ers fourth round raft pick this season is beaten out for the position by one of the other three. It doesnít even have to be the bartender who can nail 80% of his field goals from fifty-yards out. What if that fourth round pick goes to waste?

Surely if the 49ers find a kicker who can beat out their fourth round pick, either there draft scouting department missed the boat, or they have a kicker whose going to be making a huge difference on the team. Itís really a no lose situation for the 49ers. At worst they wasted a fourth round pick of the draft, but regardless of who develops, the team has a potential difference maker on its roster.

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