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Looking Forward
May 25 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers are going to be quite a busy team. As this rookie and selected veteran camp comes to a close, the team is preparing for a fair bit of activity in the near future. After a two break until Wednesday, the 28th of May, the entire team will convene in Santa Clara for a full team mini-camp that will focus on the camp. That camp will be followed by a full-squad, complete mini-camp between June 3rd and 6th, after which point the team will break until training camp begins in July.

During the passing camp the 49ers are expected to get a very good impression on their quarterback situation. Jeff Garcia will participate but likely will be limited in an effort to get some of the younger guys more repetitions. The 49ers have hinted that they will likely cut one quarterback before the beginning of training camp.

A similar situation will arise at kicker during the teams June camp. The team currently has three place kickers on its roster, and likely will narrow the competition to two. If Jamie Rheem looks impressive, the 49ers likely will cut Jose Cortez, and hope hes available later on if neither Rheem or the rookie Chandler prove better than Cortez was last season.

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