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Looking Ahead
June 2 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers will open next week with their third consecutive mini-camp. This camp is the longer of the oneís they hold, being four days and begins on Monday. The full squad is expected to be in attendance (with a few minor exceptions), in the final camp before the teamís summer break.

After the four day camp, the team will let its players take their summer breaks. Essentially that means players will go back to their individual workouts (though many still use the teamís facilities for these processes), and they will go back to using the film room at their own discretion. They will also be able to visit with their families during this time.

Between the end of camp and the start of training camp, the 49ers will try and sign a free agent or two, if there is someone out there that they covet. They will also hope to wrap negotiations with their draft picks. Steve Mariucci may or many not commence his search for a new agent at this time.

The team will report to the University of Pacific Stockton facility for its training camp, on July 20th. The start of camp is essentially the beginning of the NFL season for these players, who will get little time off between camp, pre-season and the regular season.

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