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Loads of Linebackers
September 03 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers new they had quality at the linebacker position this off-season, but as the team prepares to kick off the 2002-3 season, they have quantity too. As the roster was assembled, the team is loaded up with eight linebackers, two more than most pictured the 49ers keeping.

With linebackers Jeff Ulbrich and Saleem Rasheed both recovering from injuries, the 49ers knew they needed to keep a few extra men at the position. The team kept eight because one, Quincy Stewart is really game ready, where as Brandon Moore and Frank Strong are still young in the ways of the 49ers defense.

As the 49ers continued to shuffle their roster, in order to assemble what they believe is the best possible 53-men, they decided to cut Brandon Moore in order to sign defensive tackle Garrett Johnson. As Jeff Ulbrich and Saleem Rasheed get healthy the team may cut one more player. As defensive tackle Josh Shaw gets healthy, the team may also turn to this area, if not to Johnson, too find him a roster spot.

The team really likes the depth they have at linebacker, and whoever they cut would likely be candidates for their practice squad as Moore now becomes. So while the Strong and Stewart can let out a sigh of relief, they will have to continue to fight hard not to lose their roster spot as the season progresses.

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