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Lincoln To Retire
May 11 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
The 49ers of recent history have prided themselves on building the team through the NFL draft. Theyíve found a series of players including Ahmed Plummer, Jason Webster, Julian Peterson and Andre Carter among others who have grown into significant contributors to the team. The 49ers had hoped that linebacker Alex Lincoln would become one of those players.

Lincoln was drafted last off-season and spent his entire rookie season on the injured reserve. After a full years rest, the 49ers had hoped Lincoln could return to the team and earn a roster spot, but at mini-camp this season, the same tingly feeling occurred in Lincolnís neck that kept him out his rookie season.

With Lincoln unlikely to ever play football again, he has decided that he will officially retire from the sport. The retirement will likely become effective after June first. Lincolnís official retirement, leaves the 49ers with one fewer potential linebackers on the roster. The drafting of Saleem Rasheed may prove to be more important now than at the time.

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