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Unhook The Leash
April 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
With the 49ers returning virtually all of their starting players this season, both offensive coordinator Gregg Knapp and defensive coordinator Jim Mora Jr have stated they are going to have more explosive game plans this season. The two sides of the ball were often criticized last season for being two conservative. They want that change.

On offense, last season Knapp was in his first year of play calling. He had to deal with an injured JJ Stokes for half the season, and Garcia was only in his second promising year. This year, the team looks to be healthy, the offensive line looks to be stronger, and it all should add up to a more explosive offense.

Defensively, Jim Mora Jr has had to scale things back to help the young players adjust to the NFL. Now with most of the starters in at least their third season, Mora is expected to bring more complex schemes to the defense.

Within the organization both Mora and Knapp are regarded very highly. The two are very comfortable with their positions and handle the roles extremely well. This season will be a great time for the two of them to shine.

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