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Keith May Be In Jeopardy
June 22 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers have just a few more cuts to make before they arrive at their 80-man training camp roster, and one of those cuts could be a shocker. John Keith who had won the starting safety role last season and held it until the first game of the season where he suffered a season-ending injury, could be on the cut list.

The 49ers had hoped Keith would be ready for the Texan’s expansion draft, but he failed a physical then. The team then hoped he could participate in mini-camps, but doctors continued to hold him out. With training camp just around the corner, the 49ers doctors will be left with a very important decision to make.

If Keith is healthy enough to go out and practice, the 49ers will in all likelihood keep him around, but if the team feels that they will eventually be placing him on the injured reserve, they may just cut him, allowing them to take another young prospect to training camp.

The situation is quite unfortunate for the hard hitting Keith, who at one point looked like he would achieve great things in his career. But as Zack Bronson stepped up, and the team signed Tony Parrish to replace Lance Schulters, Keith’s starting spot was virtually erased. There’s plenty of depth at the position too with Ronnie Heard, Al Blades and rookie Kevin Curtis. The one time starter may now be expendable, it will all come down to some reports the team receives from their doctors.

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