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49ers Make More Cuts
August 27 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers continued to cut down their roster on Monday. The team must reach 65 players by 1 PM PST today, meaning the team will have to find about seven more roster positions. Yesterdays cuts included: T John Feugill, T Austin Lee, RB Saladin McCullough, WR Jeremy McDaniel, S Brian Smith, S John Keith and kick returner Vinny Sutherland.

Neither Feugill or Lee were really ever considered for offensive line positions. Both players gave it all they had, but the 49ers simply had too much competition in this area. That of course, is not to say the 49ers are satisfied with the depth they have at the position, but rather that the depth they had at the position was better than these two from the get go.

Saladin McCullough is a former XFL star, this cut, is his second from the 49ers, who released him last off-season too. McCullough had a fairly strong pre-season, but Jamal Robertson clearly was the better running back, displaying better vision, and more elusiveness. Robertson was also more impressive returning kicks.

Receiver Jeremy McDaniel was injured in the one pre-season game he was with the 49ers four. His cut, likely means that the 49ers will still be monitoring the waiver wire for a fifth receiver or that James Jordan is a serious contender for the position.

Safety Brian Smith never really had a chance of making the 49ers team. Carrying a maximum four safeties, the 49ers were pretty sure of there men entering the off-season. When Kevin Curtis was injured, things got a little shaky but the signing of Chad Cota took care of that.

Perhaps it was Kevin Curtisí injury that made John Keith expendable too. The team likely would have carried one injured safety, and likely will still with Curtis. But Curtis has more upside than Keith at these points in their careers and so, the team likely saw no point in keeping two injured safeties.

Kick returner Vinny Sutherland knew he was in trouble when the 49ers began auditioning anyone and everyone for his position. Nobody stood out as a huge improvement, but Sutherland didnít make anyone look bad either. His ineffectiveness as a receiver, coupled with two run ins with the law during his tenure as a 49er, likely were also issues in his release.

As the 49ers try to pair down their roster further, the team may gain some room, by moving Kevin Curtis, Josh Shaw and Cade McNown who is set to undergo season ending surgery, to the injured reserve.

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