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Try and Keep Pace
September 29 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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The 49ers are 2-1 and have a very tough fourth game ahead of them this Sunday. While the 49ers game plan should undoubtedly be diversified, one thing the team canít ignore is how well they have done offensively when they have gone to a quick count, or with quick passing and run plays. In the two minute offense, the team seems to move the ball at will, and when operating in the Ďquick countí stream, they simply seem faster than the opposition.

Bill Walsh made famous the phrase of beating opponents to the punch, and the theory clearly lives on in the 49ers locker room. The 49ers are a faster team than most on both sides of the ball, and are well conditioned. So by keeping the rapid fire on they wear down their opponents quicker, and get the added bonus of keeping a defense off balance.

The 49ers have shown that they are very effective in the two minute offense, and were very effective with a series of quick runs and passes against the Redskins in their latest victory. A good dose of rapid fire plays could go a long ways to slowing down a very fast and aggressive Ramís s defense.

Look for the 49ers to try and mix up the snap count, and the pace of play throughout their match up against the Rams. This type of coaching maneuver could give the 49ers the final push over the hill to defeat the Rams. Letís hope they arenít afraid to use it.

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