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Jordan and Robertson Show All
August 30 2002
By Bryan Hersh of 49ers Paradise
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In the 49ers final exhibition match up, two players, James Jordan a receiver and Jamal Robertson a running back, left it all out on the field. Both players are pushing them selves as hard as possible in order to make the 49ers roster, or at the very least be picked up as a free agent for another team.

In order to keep both players, the 49ers would have to go light at a few other positions, or very light at one position, and they may not be willing to do that. Keeping one of the two offensive talents would be a more probable case.

Jamal Robertson set a goal of 100 yards for his final game, and in just two quarters of football, and 21 carries he was able to go over that mark. Robertson is a better special teams players than Jordan too, and that could be a deciding factor.

Jordan didnít drop a ball yesterday and caught a touchdown pass. He picked up lots of yards after the catch with some strong and elusive running. He first the 49ers receiving mold.

Either or both players would be great additions to the 49ers squad, but keeping them means cutting some other very talented young players. Releasing either player would likely not allow them to end up on the practice squad, as other teams would likely pick them up for their roster.

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