Thank You Brent!

Brent Jones was the prefect example of a prototype 49er. He always displayed himself with class, dignity and pride. It was these characteristics that made him into the success he was. Both as a player, and a person. Brent was born on February 12th 1963 in San Jose California. He went to college at Santa Clara. He first amused the Steelers with his skill, and they drafted him in the 5th round during 1986.

In 1987 Brent came to play for the 49ers. He was used very minimally (10 receptions and 2 TDs) in his first two years. However in 1989 he started to make his presence know catching 40 balls for 500 yards and 4 TDs. His dedication on the team had only started to pay off.

Over the eleven years (143 games) Jones spent as a 49er, he accumulated 417 receptions averaged 12.5 yards a reception and scored 33 touchdowns. He is among a very elite class of tight ends that have caught 400 or more passes.

Brent once played in 125 consecutive games. His health until the 1996 season, was without trauma. His longest reception was for 69 yards, and he scored on that same play. 1993 and 1994 were Brent's peek years. In 1993 he set a career high in pass receptions with 68 he also accumulated 735 yards. He scored only 3 TDs that year though. However in 1994 Brent set a career high for touchdowns scoring 9. He was a major factor in the 1994 Super Bowl win.

Jones was a contributor in all but one of the 5 Super Bowl Championships the 49ers won. His hard work on and off the field was evident in the level he played. Many fans admired Brent, and we will all surely miss him now that he has retired from the 49ers. Replacing him will not be an easy task for Greg Clarck and Irv Smith. Brent was an outstanding individual, who will be remembered as a dedicated 49er for life. He will almost certainly make the NFL Hall Of Fame in Canton Ohio. However if for some odd reason he doesn't, he will already be down in history as on of the greatest tight ends in the league. Number 84, the 49ers and all their fans will miss you.

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